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ART Walk

THANK YOU for participating in HeARTwalk! Check out our AMAZING student art on display throughout our Miller Creek School District community!  We CAN DO!!!

There is still time to participate in the gallery below. Create your heart, take a photo & upload to Dropbox folders below! 

Mary Silveira Dropbox      Lucas Valley Dropbox     Vallecito Dropbox     Miller Creek Dropbox

   hilary knight art photo   brian dettor art photos

                   Photo by Hilary Knight, Hilary Charlotte Photography                                                     Photos by Brian Dettor , Dettor Photography                                      

   hanging hearts   hearts art

   family art photos   more family heart art

   heart art in community   hearts of thanks

   hearts and kids

   share the love photos   may heart walk

   lucas valley heart art   can do heart walk art

   cw photo 1   cw photo 2   cw photo 3
    cw photo 6  cw photo 4 cw photo 5 Photos by Cristen Wright

   more heart art work   heart art

   nine heart photos   nine more heart photos


   kids with art work   thank you hearts

                 Photos by Hilary Knight, Hilary Charlotte Photography

Hearts, hearts everywhere! 

   outdoor art walk   more and more hearts

   outdoor art works   kids with hearts

   more heart art in the neighborhood   happy hearts

   hearts with love   kids holding hearts

   art walk 1   heart artwork

   heart art   more hearts

   red and pink hearts   art outdoors

  heart art   artwork photos

  nine heart photos   may art


art walk logo