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Can Do! Funded MCSD Teachers & Counselors

Can Do! directly funds the salaries and benefits or stipends for the below programs that support the 1,700+ students at Lucas Valley, Mary E. Silveira, and Vallecito Elementary schools as well as Miller Creek Middle School.

2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR

Can Do! Programs are only available as a result of parent and community support and generosity. Help us provide the best possible programs and services to our students.

Can Do! funds, but is not limited to, these Elementary School Teachers:

  • Elementary Art Teachers
  • Elementary PE Coaches
  • Elementary School Counselors
  • Garden Specialists

Can Do! funds, but is not limited to, these Middle School Specialists:

  • Academic, Leadership, & Arts Clubs Leaders
  • After school and intramural sports Coaches
  • Middle School Counselors, including then Wellness Center Coordinator
  • Garden specialist