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2020-21 Elementary & Middle School Programs

Through your generous Family Giving Campaign donations, together we have achieved our financial goal of $450K!  Thank you to all the families who made this happen!

        art collarge kid with balls mc garden mt bike club

Your contributions supported these vital 2020-2021 programs:


     -  K-5 Art Program: District Art Instructional Specialist & supplies

     -  K-5 PE Program: District PE Instructional Specialist & supplies

     -  K-1 Instructional/Teacher Aides for all three schools

     -  Environmental Science support through site gardens   

     -  Social Emotional Learning investment  

     -  Technology: Assisted in purchasing iPads for Kindergartners and touchscreen Chromebooks.


     -  School Counselor: Can Do! funds 50% of salary & benefits for one of our Miller Creek Counselors

     -  Technology: Assisted in purchasing touchscreen Chromebooks.

     -  School Clubs and Events:

                    Academic: Botany, French, Geo-Panthers, MARS Astronomy, Honor Society, Mathcounts

                    Leadership: Panther Podcasters- Call to Action, QSA (Queer Straight Alliance) ,                                                              WEB (Where  Everyone Belongs) , 

                    Arts and Athletics:  Jazz Combo, Mountain Bike Club

                    Special Interest: Strategic Games Club

     -  Garden Maintenance: A huge thank you to Nina Cunnan, our Garden Specialist, for creating our amazing.               outdoor classroom!

     -  Student Planners:  every student receives a Planner at the beginning of the year to help keep them focused           and organized?


Can Do! Program Summary for 2020-21:

                                    CD! 2020-21 Programs