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2020-21 Middle School Programs

Through your generous Family Giving Campaign donations, we have raised $400K towards our goal of $450K.  Thank you to all the families who have given so far this year and to those who have yet to give:  there is still time to donate and make an impact on the education of our students. 

Your contributions support these important 2020-2021 Miller Creek school programs:

     -  School Counselor: Can Do! funds 50% of salary & benefits.

     -  Technology: Assisted in purchasing touchscreen Chromebooks.

     -  School Clubs: Extracurricular activities help develop areas of the brain that may not be fully utilized by strictly academic work, as well as developing important skills that can transfer into academic performance, such as creative problem solving and teamwork. Current clubs at Miller Creek:

                     Botany, French, Geo-Panthers, Jazz Combo, MARS Astronomy, Mountain Bike Club, Panther                                       Podcasters-Call to Action, Strategic Games Club, QSA (Queer Straight Alliance) and WEB (Where                               Everyone Belongs) clubs.

     -  Garden Maintenance: Until our students can return full time to the campus, Can Do! is funding the maintenance of the school's "teaching" garden.

     -  Yearbooks:  Can Do! funds yearbooks for families who contribute at the "all in" donation level.