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Can Do! Funding


Can Do! Education Foundation remains committed to funding vital programs for students of the Miller Creek School District.  As a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that raises critical funds for the Miller Creek School District, we are working closely with the district in order to sustain programming for the upcoming school year.  Our students need your continued support during this most challenging time.  Support your students TODAY!



The Can Do! Education Foundation is a community funded nonprofit organization that provides vital funds to the Miller Creek School District in order to bridge the financial gap between current state funding and an enriched, well-rounded education for all our students. 



For the 2020-21 school year, through parent and community donations, Can Do! directly funds K-5 Art, K-5 PE,  K-1 Teacher Aides,  Technology support and art and PE supplies at the elementary schools.  At Miller Creek Middle School we fund Counseling services, Technology support, after-school clubs and garden maintenance. 



Can Do! commits funds to the school district to spend in the current school year, based upon the district's needs.  We commit to raising a set amount of dollars and as donations are received, turn over those funds in multiple payments throughout the school year.

Each year Can Do! board members, volunteers and staff reach out to families and local businesses seeking financial contributions to help "bridge-the gap" cost, which is about $600 per student.  While donations are welcomed any time during the year, it really helps to meet our Annual Family Giving goal as early in the school year as possible.  It is critical to reach this goal: if we fall short, programs that rely on these funds may be at risk.

Please give as generously as you can.  Donations of any amount will help ensure that our children continue to receive an unparalleled education that keeps them inspired and healthy.


Help our students by donating today!

Can Do! is funding vital programs including, but not limited to, Miller Creek Middle School Counseling services, Elementary Art and PE,  K-1 Teacher Aides and Technology for students at all four schools. These vital programs and services are ONLY available as a result of the support and generosity of our parent community. During this unprecedented time, your contribution is needed now, more than ever.