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What is Can Do!?

Can Do! is the non-profit education foundation led by the Miller Creek School District parents whose mission is the enrich the education of all students in the district.  Can Do! raises funds for the four schools in the Miller Creek School District: Lucas Valley Elementary, Mary E. Silveira Elementary, Vallecito Elementary and Miller Creek Middle School.

Why do Public Schools Need Fundraising?

School funding has changed since we were children.  California's educational funding has been drastically cut, and as a result many of our quality programs that used to be part of the standard public school curriculum have been severely scaled back or discontinued altogether.  State funding simply does not cover the real cost of a quality public education, so we look to parent and community support to fund programs that are considered to be integral to a well-rounded education.  The state does mandate specific curriculum and instruction, yet it does not provide the necessary resources.  We are fortunate to live in a community where the generous support of parents and local businesses enable Can Do! to close the gap and meet the children's educational needs.

What Programs does Can Do! Support?

​With your generous support, Can Do! funds technology, art, music (TK-2), environmental science, physical education and Social Emotional Learning at all three elementary schools.  At Miller Creek Middle School, Can Do! funds technology, counseling services, music and performing arts clubs, after-schools sports, lunchtime intramurals, lunchtime academic leadership clubs and student/parent planners/handbooks.  Can Do! pays for the specialists, equipment and supplies for all these programs.  These programs help give our children confidence, foster their creativity, find their passions and provide a breadth of experience that tap each child's talents.

How Do I Give?

There are many ways to give to Can Do!:  go to our secure donations page to donate online or send cash or a check to the Can Do! office.  Whatever your means, parents are encouraged to give what they can.  You can make a donation in full or in installments.  In addition, if you would like "pledge" an amount for payment later in the school year, please fill-out a remit envelope and provide a credit card number or include post-dated checks.  This future commitment will allow you to count as "participated."  All donations are private and confidential.  Every gift is important and greatly appreciated.

How Much Should I Give?

The Can Do! Family Giving Campaign requests a donation of $600 per child.  We seek 100% family participation therefore a contribution at an amount that is appropriate for your family is most important.  Every child benefits so we need every family to participate!  Please give as generously as you can and what works best for your family.

Do you offer a payment plan fo donations?

Yes!  Many families spread their payments out over the course of the school year.  

What about employer matching funds?

Employer Matching Funds are a great way to double your gift!  Ask your employer if they match gifts to non-profit organizations. 

Does Can Do! Endorse or Provide Financial Support to Political Campaigns?

The organization shall be nonpartisan in political matters and does not endorse any individuals running for office at the local, state, or federal levels.  

Can Do! will, however, support, both in endorsement and financially, legislative measures (as the Board deems necessary and advisable) that seek to improve and/or support the needs of the students attending our schools.

How can I get involved and help?

Can Do! relies on many volunteers to successfully meet its fundraising goals.  No matter what your talent, or amount of time you have to volunteer, we need you!  There are many campaigns and events where you can make a difference. Please call or e-mail the Can Do! office.

Who Can I contact with Questions?

Please see our contact information at the bottom of the page!